Disability Services

Need  help with your NDIS plan? We are here for you

Why choose us?

At Andurance Care Service, we are highly skilled, experienced in mental health and the disability sector.

We offer:

Convenience & flexibility

We can meet and assist you either at home or at a place convenient to you. 

Support Coordination


If you have an NDIS plan that includes Coordination of Supports, we are here to assist you.

We provide you with expert, unbiased support and guidance where we work together to achieve your goals. 

We offer  Support Coordination with expertise in mental health, assisting NDIS Participants with psychosocial disability to achieve their goals and build capacity as part of their recovery journey.

Our staff come from Cultural And Linguistically Diverse (CALD) background. They are knowledgeable and experienced to connect you to services that suit YOUR needs. We are here to support YOUR community and we speak your language including Vietnamese. 

We will assist you to develop knowledge, help you track the progress of your plan and prepare for your annual NDIS plan review. 

Help you throughout your NDIS journey, assist you with any issues with providers, resolve points of conflict with your provider and coordinate service delivery. 

Our support coordinators seek to empower you to organise your support independently when you are ready to do so. We works with you to develop the skills, knowledge and the confidence you need to achieve your goals in the future.  

Support you to choose suitable service providers for your needs and fully exercise your choice and control.

Individual skills building

We are here for you with all the skills you need to achieve.

Supporting you with all your community needs including doctor visit, shopping, engaging in your community and so much more.

Your favourite activity is our No 1 priority.

Our support staff are highly trained in mental health and disability service who’s willing to support you building your skills and capacity to live a quality life. You goals are our goals 


Yard maintenance and keeping your environment safe

We are here for you anytime with your household support from professional garden to cleaning services.

No task is too small or too big!

We are supporting you to keep your home safe and assist you with all household tasks. Return your home to a safe and liveable environment .

As Andurance Care Service, we are:


A highly skilled and experienced team working with all clients with mental health and disabilities in high or complex needs.

We work closely with you, consistently monitor the supports, understanding your needs, & responding to you quickly & professionally. 

Support Design

Work together with you to help you achieve your NDIS goals and bring your NDIS Plan to life.

Commit to every client’s needs.


Be there

Be there for you in times of crisis.

Assist you to develop resilience within your own network and community.

We support individuals with disability, assisting every client to improve their quality of life.